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Willi Earthdog and Tracking Training

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Earthdog Training

Willi saying HI! to the gerbil at the quarry bars. The gerbil is trying to understand dog language.

Willi found his dummy mallard after a nice duck scent track

Willi Week 49

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Different tracking methods

This is Willi starting on a blood-track scent pad. I used previously frozen blood from raw dog food processing - thanks to Steve and Susanne from Susie's Raw Dog Food! - on an 100 paces long track across a community park along a busy road. The breeze was minimal but it had rained on and off throughout the day. The track was 10 minutes old. Willi started concentrated, but got distracted by mosquitos and decided to have a quick pee off track after which he started again and found the end of the track. There, he stopped and waited for food. Throughout the track he was trailing and running while circleing at the corners.

The second track at a different area in the same park was layed out with kibble, approx. every 2 to 5 steps. The length and age of the track was the same. At first Willi was extremely distracted by mosquitos but found concentration back on the track on kibble. He ate just a few of them but nicely followed the track to the end. This time calmer and slower.

I will start placing an article at the end of the track soon.

Willi Week 46

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On Track

Willi is an awesome little tracker. He did about 250 metres of blood-track today and the only thing he has to learn is to pace himself. He gets some gentle reminders with pops on the leash that he should concentrate on the track and not race the track. He does exceptionally well and always finds the target - a heap of wiener pieces. We tracked through grass and sandy patches today. The left pictures is from the start of the track - pop on the leash - the right picture is at the end of the track as he finds the wiener. I hope to be able to make a video of Willi tracking soon.

Willi Week 44

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The last snow has melted and Willi started digging in the yard. He is looking for mice under the patio door and enjoys the sunshine. I have contacted the local Earthdog Club and we hope the season starts soon. I have never done Earthdog before and it will be a new adventure on the dog training journey. Willi is maturing and is wildboar coat is shining through is black top coat now. He did another great track this weekend. He is very excited to approach a track and he has already made the connection between tracking collar and upcoming track, as he starts sniffing the ground as soon as he has his tracking collar on. He wears a hand-made blood-tracking collar. If you are looking for tracking gear for your Dachshund go to:


Willi week 43

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Tracking is finally here!

Although there is still is a little snow on the ground, we found some open areas and finally did our first food track on Saturday. As you can see Willi is very enthusiastic and tries to race through the track. He has to learn to slow down and concentrate on the track. He just starts on this track here on the photo and the leash is tight as it runs slowly through my hands. He tracks with a very nice deep nose. I train him to keep his nose as much on the track as possible. Hunting dogs like to trail on their tracks and move on and off the actual track. To stay put on the actual track will involve a little bit of learning. So far he did two beautiful young dog tracks at the weeeknd. Way to go Willi!