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Willi passes his Canine Good Neighbour Test

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On November 2, 2013 we drove to Red Deer to have Willi's eyes checked by a certified veterinarian.

The results came back as normal and we are very happy about this!

His Dam and sister also have certified normal eyes.

I also did a Canine Good Neighbour Test will Willi and he passed.

You can see he was one proud Dachshund after the test.

Willi Earthdog and Tracking Training

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Earthdog Training

Willi saying HI! to the gerbil at the quarry bars. The gerbil is trying to understand dog language.

Willi found his dummy mallard after a nice duck scent track

Willi passes Senior Earthdog twice

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On September 7 and 8, 2013 we visited the PEAA Earthdog tests in Okotoks again.

Willi passed 2 Senior Earthdog tests. He didn't qualify for the title yet, but we will hopefully achieve that with the first trial in 2013. As you can see he is very proud showing of his rosettes.

Willi achieves his Junior Earthdog Title!

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Willi achieves his Junior Earthdog Title

On July 7, 2013 we drove down to Okotoks to the Performance and Earthdog Association of Alberta to take part in the Earthdog Tests. Willi passed 2 legs in Junior Earthdog and won his Junior Earthdog title!

We are very proud to have such a smart and talented dog! Thanks to the PEAA, our trainers Marge and Chris and to the judges Greg Perry and Kathy McAra!

Thanks to Willi's breeder and Earthdog judge Brigitte Walkey for very helpful advice and training tips.

This photo was kindly provided by Dian Stafford-Gilmour.

We will try for Senior Earthdog in September.

Willi Week 51

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Earthdog practice

Today was Willi's second Earthdog practice. He did a great job; he went into the tunnels twice and started working the quarry. On the photos you can see him at his second introduction to the (safely enclosed gerbils, which by the way weren't intimidated even a little bit; they kept on munching on their food). His sister already has her Junior Earthdog title and we will go to our first trial next month. Obviously his hunting instinct awoke and he is ready to go! We are really lucky to have him! To read more about Earthdog, please go to:


Willi Week 50

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A fit and fun working dog

Thinking about the Dachshund as a German working dog breed, the working Dachshund should be lean and athletic, have a maximum of fitness and endurance. The wire coat of the Wire-haired Dachshund should be short and thick, with short undercoat, which makes the dog resistant to weather and water. This is Willi, almost a year old, after a 2 hour hike and (leashed) mouse hunt in the bush. Does he look tired to you? I don't think so! His daily food portion is exactly the same as our German Shepherd's portion. They get an equal amount of daily exercise. For all dogs, but especially for all dogs with long vertebrae (back), it is very important not be overweight. Both of our dogs are very athletic and train regularily in dog sports with a maximum endurance level.

On the training side - we are still improving tracking in all weather conditions. Today was very windy and tracking was more difficult. We have to track in heavy wind more often.

Willi Week 49

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Different tracking methods

This is Willi starting on a blood-track scent pad. I used previously frozen blood from raw dog food processing - thanks to Steve and Susanne from Susie's Raw Dog Food! - on an 100 paces long track across a community park along a busy road. The breeze was minimal but it had rained on and off throughout the day. The track was 10 minutes old. Willi started concentrated, but got distracted by mosquitos and decided to have a quick pee off track after which he started again and found the end of the track. There, he stopped and waited for food. Throughout the track he was trailing and running while circleing at the corners.

The second track at a different area in the same park was layed out with kibble, approx. every 2 to 5 steps. The length and age of the track was the same. At first Willi was extremely distracted by mosquitos but found concentration back on the track on kibble. He ate just a few of them but nicely followed the track to the end. This time calmer and slower.

I will start placing an article at the end of the track soon.

Willi Week 48

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Dachshund protection

Willi is clearly a hunting dog, but he is a great house guard as well. Today he had fun trying out protection. He loved chasing the "bad guy", but the sleeve for the big dogs was just a little too big to bite. Afterwards he enjoyed a great game of tug and barked very nicely. The working Dachshund is a fearless and versatile breed.

Willi Week 47

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Gun Shyness? Not!

The gun shyness test is part of different dog sports. For hunting dogs the gun shyness test is an important test to determine soundness and fearlessness in hunting dogs. The dog has to lie in a down while several (blank) shots are fired in close vicinity. Is the dog fearful or runs away he/she will fail the test. In other dog sports, like Schutzhund or IPO, blank shots are fired during the obedience routine to determine if the dog is sound and fearless. Willi sat-in during a practice today and was behaving absolutely sound and fearless. He doesn't show any nervousness or fearfulness and remained calm and quiet. There was no doubt that our Willi is a fearless dog, but this practice just proofed it one more time. To learn more about hunting dog tests check out the website of the North American Teckel club at:

Willi Week 45

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The past week was beautiful and we walked in the Ravine every day. Willi started to explore the creek and actually had a little swim. Dachshunds are great swimmers and are able to track game even through the water. He has been walking off-leash most of the time and listens much better to the recall. Back home Gila and Willi enjoy the good weather on the patio. Willi loves digging (another Dachshund sport). Not all places are acceptable digging places in our yard and he has had his first insect sting digging close to our fence. This was a good learning experience. There was only little swelling for a short time and he was good 10 minutes later. He likes to play with his tug (from DogSportGear - see links). He pulls with lots of strength and made an impression at the German Shepherd club.

For more information about the Dachshund's heritage as hunting dog go to : http://www.born-to-track.com/