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Willi 33 weeks

Posted on February 17, 2013 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Food Variety

Thinking about natural feeding, we switched food again to raw chicken & veggies. Additionally I feed a little salmon oil as "brain food". Salmon oil also brings out the black pigments in a dog's coat. I believe variety is key in everyone's diet and allows a healthy development. As a special Sunday treat the dogs each got a raw elk bone with meat and marrow. Bones are great for gnawing and cleaning teeth. They never last long. Willi does eat the meat and the marrow and leaves the bone for play time. Gila often eats the entire bone. As you can see, the molars in the back of a Willi's mouth scalp the meat off the bone. These teeth look like tiny mountains and are really sharp. No rawhide can supplement a real bone; rawhide is much to soft to allow that natural "bone experience". So, treat your dog to a raw bone every now and then!

Willi 26 weeks

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On the last 2 days of 2012 Willi joined us on a trip to Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. He is a great traveller and was excited to sniff out different places on our frequent stops. Here he is on the winter road looking out for things in the bush. He is 6 months old now and really wants to mark every light pole in the vicinity. He lifts his legs most of the time now, but sometimes, especially in deep snow lifting a leg just doesn't work yet. He is back on the puppy formula of "Pacific Stream Taste Of The Wild" and his coat looks great! I still prefer a rotation diet and will continue to rotate between Taste of the Wild food and raw food.