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Gila passes her IPO1 trial

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On October 26, 2013 Gila passes her IPO 1 trial at the German Shepherd Club of Edmonton.

Photo by Cathy Holowaychuk and Exposed Paws Photography

Canine Good Neighbour Test coming up!

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Canine Good Neighbour Test

This is a test you and your dog need to pass before you start your career in pet dog therapy.

It is also a great test for urban dogs and any dog owner with anxious neighbours.

The Canadian Kennel Club will provide each successful participant with a certificate.

A rare opportunity in the Edmonton area!

Where: The German Shepherd Dog Club of Edmonton


When: September 14 and 15, 2013

Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Registration required.

Are you interested?

For more info or registration please email me under Contact!

See you there

Willi Week 40

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Car Safety

We take our dogs everywhere. A safe spot in the vehicle is very important for all passengers. A secure place to ride in a vehicle is a hard-shell crate, also used for airline travel. The crate should be just as big that the dog is able to walk into it upright and turn around in it. A bigger crate bares the risk of the dog sliding back and forth too much during the ride. A washable mat, rubberized at the bottom prevents sliding in the crate. We have buckets for water that we hang into the crate after a long or exhausting walk/run/training. The crates also prevent your vehicle from getting chewed up, which is a very nice side-effect. As Willi also sleeps in a crate in the house at night, he usually goes to sleep right away during a car ride. He also keeps quiet when we are parked. But Willi already knows the way to training and the parking in front of the training facility - he let's us know when we are close!

Willi week 39

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Off-leash training in the city

For the past week we have been working on Willi's off-leash training. We had work on the recall before, but in a city full of rabbits the recall has to be 100% secure or you risk your dog's life. First I started with the e-collar on sound/vibration in the house. He is now very good reacting to the sound on his collar and returns to me immediately inside and outside. Of course he only runs in a safe area before we have secured this. Dusk and dawn is rabbit time, so he will still stay leashed for morning and evening walks. Soon the sun will be up longer and we have more time to practice. As you can see he had lots of fun today.

Willi 37 weeks

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Table Training

We started training on the table long before Willi's first show, but he is really getting good in paying attention to the commands. We can vary the attention either on my face or on the treat in my hand. It is easier for a handler to get a dog's attention when the distance between handler (face/hand) is shorter, that's why the dog is on the (training-)table. Willi learns to pay close attention to Sit/Down/Stand commands - we use the German commands Sitz/Platz/Steh. His reaction to my commands are faster now then they were 2 weeks ago. He gets rewarded immediately with a small piece of food and, after a few successful commands, with a game of tug. This form of "focus" training is not only the foundation for all other obedience training but also very helpful in the show ring. Our next show is coming up next week.

Willi 30 weeks

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Out in the dog park

Willi has been socialized well with other dogs and people. His recall is working very nicely in the dog park. He has learned to part from other interesting dogs when we are continuing our walk and follows us. He loves to run and chase but also knows his dog park etiquette; sniff-and-let-sniff, no mounting, no taking away sticks, "submit if you have to" etc. This dog park is a secure area without roads nearby and has enough bush and trees for the dogs to sniff and dig as they like.

Willi 20 weeks

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Fun in the snow!

This week Willi had a great time socializing with about 50 children on a German lantern walk at school. He walked (on leash) right in the middle and enjoyed every minute.

He also learned to walk next to a tobaggon (see picture on the left; no he is not pulling, just sniffing while we make a stop) and enjoyed riding on it on the way back.

Teenager time is definitely starting. So is his "regal" Dachshund look on his face. What a dog!

Willi 16 weeks

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End of Seniority Phase

With the end of his 16th's week, Willi is entering a new phase in his life (pack order). In the last week we stepped up to new endeavours. Willi entered a pet store for the first time (and he now knows they have treats at the cashiers.) This weekend we had a trial and a helper seminar at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Edmonton and because of temperatures below freezing point, Willi stayed inside in a loud room full of people, not without being petted and cuddled and licking almost all participant's faces. He met Baruta a Russian Terrier who was very friendly but mighty impressive so Willi offered his surrender after the first sniff. He fits in well with our family and I don't think we will have any issues in the pack order phase. Our puppy training for Sit/Down/Stand works really well and he is very treat motivated. He saw the first snow and didn't really know what to make of it yet. Everything melted away by this afternoon but there seems to be more to come next week. I'm pretty sure our tracking days are numbered until warm up in spring.

As you can see in the picture he is very comfortable being my office dog during the week.

Willi 14 weeks

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Today, Willi is 15 weeks old.

His first puppy collar is now too small.

Week 14 started with a set back in the potty-training department as expected. It's colder outside and obviously the inside temperature was more appealing as a bathroom. Quick check with breeder Brigitte, and he was back in the crate for feeding time and a short time after, followed by a walk. We keep this routine up and didn't have any accidents since Wednesday.

He discovered rabbit droppings on the field, which he is tracking down now every time we go on the field.

I introduced the "Wait" before feeding time and let him wait 1-2 minutes outside kitchen parametres until he is allowed to go to his filled food bowl (into the crate).

Willi 13 weeks

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Willi's 13th week was full of new things. We had a mouse in the house, the cat had brought it in, and Gila and Willi tried to catch it...or rather play with it. Willi tried his stalking technique and jumps, but the mouse wasn't really impressed. So I built a tunnel for the mouse from her hiding spot to the patio door and off she went outside. No mouse was hurt.

On Friday Willi got his booster vaccinations and our vet Dr Jennifer from Edmonton's Holistic Veterinary Clinic confirmed that he is a very strong and healthy puppy. His next booster is in 4 weeks.

We continued to track and now Willi has to learn to pace his tracking.He is so excited that he races along the wiener pieces, without picking all of them up. Maybe that's because I fed him a little breakfirst before we went.... We want the nose down and calm. We don't want a race tracker. That will be our task for the next tracking session.

He also starting retrieving on his own. He takes his green ball out on the field and carries it around while Gila is chasing her ball with great excitement.

House-training has come along way! He sits in front of the door now when he has to go, but of course can't wait too long yet. No accident this week. Very good!