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Willi 33 weeks

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Food Variety

Thinking about natural feeding, we switched food again to raw chicken & veggies. Additionally I feed a little salmon oil as "brain food". Salmon oil also brings out the black pigments in a dog's coat. I believe variety is key in everyone's diet and allows a healthy development. As a special Sunday treat the dogs each got a raw elk bone with meat and marrow. Bones are great for gnawing and cleaning teeth. They never last long. Willi does eat the meat and the marrow and leaves the bone for play time. Gila often eats the entire bone. As you can see, the molars in the back of a Willi's mouth scalp the meat off the bone. These teeth look like tiny mountains and are really sharp. No rawhide can supplement a real bone; rawhide is much to soft to allow that natural "bone experience". So, treat your dog to a raw bone every now and then!

Willi 12 weeks

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This is a picture of Willi from today. Not the nicest stack but his great features are clearly visible. His chest is getting deeper, his ears and nose longer. His muscles built nicely as he enjoys walking more than in previous weeks. He starts retrieving anything he can find.

His training is slow, we give him lots of opportunity to be a puppy and enjoy running around in the yard. All plants are up on tables or in big pots so he can't reach them.

House-training is going well but not done yet. It will take approx. 4 more weeks for him to understand "potty time" is only outside.

We finished the first big bag of puppy food and are now continuing with another variety of the same brand to keep it a little more interesting. Protein content is at 28%, not higher.

It is dark now on our daily evening walks and Willi continue to wear his "safety vest" so he is clearly visible for all vehicles at night. With a puppy you just never know if they decide to stop in the middle of the road and sniff, even though he is on leash at all times.

The cat follows us on our walks. We are a funny pack when we are going out all together.

Puppy's Development

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Puppy Development
Puppy Development graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click here to view the full post.

Dog Facts - Canine Anatomy not only for Kids!

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Dog Anatomy Infographic
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Protect your children and dogs from harmful chemicals

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Here is a study about hazardous chemicals in flea and tick treatment:


Meta Study on Long-Term Risks And Health Effects Of Spaying/Neutering In Dogs

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For your information...

Shelters and Veterinary Associations promote pediatric (puppy) spay/neutering for dogs and cats to prevent over-population. Many dog owners are unable to carefully watch their dogs in order not to reproduce or are not able to pay for spaying or neutering for an adult dog. Most dogs are able to reproduce at around 8 months of age or during the first heat. A female dog is in heat usually about twice a year; some female dogs have more reproductive cycles. Male dogs are increasingly interested in a female dog close to and during her heat. Most female dogs will offer themselves to male dogs around the middle of their cycle, the time they are able to conceive. If possible, male dogs will try to visit a female dog in heat as often as possible, sit, bark or just wait in front of her door step/back yard.

Growing Pains? Usually harmless...

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Especially large breeds can suffer from growing pains, medically termed canine panosteitis. If your dog experiences growing pains you might be interested in this article:



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Entropion is an inward rolling eyelid that often causes infections in a dog's eye.

See: http://www.adbadog.com/p_pdetails.asp?fspid=85

Green-lipped mussel can help canine osteoarthritis

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Evidence based alternative and complementary medicine