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Willi Week 50

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A fit and fun working dog

Thinking about the Dachshund as a German working dog breed, the working Dachshund should be lean and athletic, have a maximum of fitness and endurance. The wire coat of the Wire-haired Dachshund should be short and thick, with short undercoat, which makes the dog resistant to weather and water. This is Willi, almost a year old, after a 2 hour hike and (leashed) mouse hunt in the bush. Does he look tired to you? I don't think so! His daily food portion is exactly the same as our German Shepherd's portion. They get an equal amount of daily exercise. For all dogs, but especially for all dogs with long vertebrae (back), it is very important not be overweight. Both of our dogs are very athletic and train regularily in dog sports with a maximum endurance level.

On the training side - we are still improving tracking in all weather conditions. Today was very windy and tracking was more difficult. We have to track in heavy wind more often.

Willi 38 weeks

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The life of a show dog...

...is not what we anticipated for our Willi. He is the most handsome Dachshund for us. In Alberta, there are not many Standard Wire-Dachshund breeder. So we are left with the big show dogs who do this for a living. With his short wire coat, Willi has the perfect style for a German hunting Dachshund, but maybe not for the North American show ring? I believe that the German hunting lines are true to the original purpose of the dog. Compared to the North American show Dachshund, they are shorter in size to fit into a fox den, shorter in hair to work in bush and forest, and they are definitely better working dogs. So today will end our short excursion into the Canadian show world. Willi took away some ribbons. Hopefully we will be able to show him in an FCI show with dogs from European lines in the future. Impatiently we are waiting for the snow to go so we can start tracking!

Willi 29 weeks

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This weekend our entire family made a trip to the Alberta Kennel Club All Breed Show in Calgary, AB. This was Willi's first opportunity to practice in a "real" show. As you can see on the photo, Willi walked like he really wanted to show off on the first day. On the second day, he was a little bored and clowned around. Only one beautiful other Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund was shown, and he was already a champion. It was not easy to take pictures as our turn only lasted for about 2 minutes.
Good job Willi!

Willi 28 weeks

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This week we had our first conformation-handling class. It is a drop-in class at "See Spot Run" in South Edmonton and we will drop-in again next Tuesday. We had a fun time practicing how to "run" correctly in front and behind another dog and how to stand in front of a judge. Willi is a lot more comfortable with the show lead now than he was at the Sanction match.

Also, he has learned not to whine anymore, when we go out of the house. As before, he stays in his crate when we go away, but he has learned that we always come back. Good job, Willi!

Willi 27 weeks

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Willi had his first introduction to the show ring yesterday. The Samoyed Club held a very organized sanction match here in the city and we got to know many new faces and muzzles. Willi did his best and was calm watching the other dogs do their rounds. We will go to conformation handling classes before we try our luck at the Calgary show mid of January. By now, Willi's teeth are complete and look beautiful!

Willi 15 weeks

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Here is our Willi at the end of week 15. He develops into a nice muscular shape with great overall structure. His wildboar colour is now shining through the black (puppy) top coat and wire-hair is peaking through everywhere. He is more outgoing every week and has a lot of fun with piles of leaves. He loves running through high grass and hides behind trees just to chase us as we walk by. He has learned not to chase the cat and to wait for his food outside of the kitchen. House-training is almost done. We had some freezing temperatures in the past week which don't seem to bother him. He just doesn't like to get wet when it's cold.