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Rates & Services

Disclaimer: All classes as well as the content of this website are for information purposes only. Please consult your primary care giver and/or your veterinarian for medical advice before starting any of my classes. Dogs and humans can be unpredictable if under stress or shock. Please use all advice with care. You are responsible for your dog's actions at all times. All classes and consultations at your own risks.© Christiane Benoit, 2009-2014


A word on training methods:

Keeping a dog safe, happy, healthy and well behaved requires a life long commitment and training practice! Individual dogs need individual training. My training lessons are not limited by certain training methods or tools. I believe that any training has to be fair to the dog and equally balanced between rewards and correction.


Training Lessons



Contact me for an in-home consultation for family dogs.

Obedience training, behaviour concerns, dog care consultation.

Holistic consultations include exercise and nutritional information.

Special class for expecting parents with dogs available.

Visit/hour: $80

(additional fees might apply for long distances/outside city limits)


   Example for Training Inquiries:
Crate training, street proofing, food issues, respecting house rules, issues with other pets, child/dog related issues and many more...

 'Tall Like A Tree' School Sessions 
Book a fun educational lesson for children of all ages!
Give children confidence on how to interact with dogs in different situations.
Individual classes depending on grade/age level.
Please contact me for more information and class outline.

Dog Clubs and Rescue Organizations:
If you are planning a Canine Good Neighbour Test in your facility please contact me.
 Please note that I'm no longer affiliated with the Edmonton Humane Society.
Check out my BLOG page to learn more about how I train my own dogs. 
 Christiane and Gila vom Dragonhaus, CGN, TD, AD, IPO1 ....
....and more to come!
Judge Kathy McAra, Christiane and Springwood's Willi Cinna, CGN, JE
... and more to come

 A big THANK YOU to all my mentors and trainers who have guided me through many different training methods with many different dog breeds in Germany and Canada since 1978!


 Photo of Christiane and Gila by Jeanne Novak.        Photo of Christiane and Willi by Dian Stafford-Gilmour.